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BYOAR A2 Style Black Nitrided Flash Hiders


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Our AR-chitect AR15 FOUNDATION SERIES flash hiders are designed to be slim and
light weight.

Designed to redirect blast and gasses up as to mitigate muzzle rise. While also
suppressing the flash at the end of the barrel.

American made from American souced 4140 pre-heat treated steel

Thread pattern is ½ X 28 with a bore of .375 is designed for the .223/5.56 platform all the way to the 9mm platform.

Please be aware of what caliber you are shooting versus the bore size. shooting anything other than
the recommended platforms can result in serious injury or death.

4140 brakes are black nitrided not phosphated.

100% warranty against any and all manufacturers defects. If we missed something we will replace it at
no cost to you.

  1. Made in usa
  2. 4140 black nitride steel
  3. ½ x 28 thread pattern
  4. Comes with crush washer