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5 Simple Upgrades For Your AR

So you bought that Smith & Wesson M&P Sport or the Ruger 556 and now you want to get an AR upgrade and improve your accuracy. There are a few simple upgrades for your AR that aren’t difficult to install and won’t bust the bank (unless you get top of the line parts).
  1. Quality optics to improve your accuracy beyond a couple hundred yards.
  2. Single or two stage triggers that give you way better accuracy than the MIL-Spec triggers that come with your standard AR.
  3. Precision match ammunition to improve your accuracy and consistency.
  4. Upgraded the barrel of your AR to increase accuracy and allow for precision shooting even at long distances.
  5. Install a free float handguard to reduce pressure points, increase the length of your sight radius and allow for the addition of other accuracy-improving accessories.

Under 20 Minutes

5 Easy Upgrades for Under $200 You can Do Yourself

Stop being limited bywhat you can find on the shelf. Become an Architect and Build Your AR, your way.

5 AR Upgrades

A2 Upgrades Made Easy

Ready to upgrade your A2 system? Find the right option for you below.

Looking for Help?

Have no fear. We got you. Our step-by-step instructions and video walk you through the entire process.

Become an AR*Chitect

AR*chitect /ˈärkəˌtekt/ noun

A person who designs, builds, and maintains their own rifle.

The first step on your AR*chitect Evolution is figuring out which stage you are in. Need some help? Fill out our online form and our AR experts will give you a customized AR Profile – full of info and recommendations made just for you. 

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ARchitect Evolution

Welcome to the Group!

Check out how we teach the fundamentals and coach new gun builders through the learning curve to become an AR*chitect.
AR Basics

Gotta do it!

Don't miss a step when it comes to maintaining your AR. We give you 5 things every AR should know to make your rifle last and perform well.
AR Maintenance

No one likes clamshells.

Stuck with that stock look? Check out some easy upgrade options, including the popular A2 upgrade to get a free floating handguard.
AR Upgrade

Hey there, AR*chitect.

Built your first AR and ready for more? Don't waste your time & budget sourcing parts. Get everything you need in our AR Build Kits!
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Looking for an excuse to build more ARs? Don't just build another AR, design YOUR AR with our Elevation Series with over a million customization options.
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