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The Easiest Way to


Bought Your First Rifle?

Ready To LEarn The Basics of AR Ownership?

AR Basics

Welcome to a judgement-free zone to learn and grow as a brand new AR owner! 

We’ve distilled the information you need so you can get answers and follow step-by-step instructions for improving your accuracy, staying safe at the range, troubleshooting when problems arise, and making sure your rifle lasts through proper maintenance. 

We used to have to scour the internet for forums to find the answers to our gun-building questions. With BYOAR on your side, you can get the answers you need and the expert guidance to help get you to the next level. 

The Answers You need, without the judgement.

Welcome to level 4!

three things you will learn in level 4

#1 Tools

To build your own AR, you need the right equipment.


Check out this video from Jim to learn which tools you need before you build your AR! While you’re at it, join the AR*chitect Facebook Group.

#2 Get the RIght Information

You’ve got the tools you need, now it’s time to get educated on the process of building your own AR.


Check out this video from Jim for an intro on where to start to learn the ins and outs of building an AR.

#3 Buy vs. Build

Alright. You got the tools, you got the parts, you got the education, and you are READY TO GO. Next step: Evaluate the pros and cons of building vs. buying, and get the most out of your AR build!


Check out this video from Jim to learn some helpful tips to gather all of the last things you need before you get started building your AR.

#3 Add Your Heading Text Here

Join us every week for live demos, installs, and expert guidance for AR owners. Each Tuesday at 3:50pm(EST) we host an hour Facebook Live show where we answer your question in real-time and give you actionable advice for how to (eventually) be an expert AR owner yourself! Add the T350 Show to your calendar and check out our entire inventory of shows to find the answers you need.

Want to get to level 5?

Learned what you need on Level 4? Let’s move on to Level 5. 

Not quite at Level 4 yet? Check out Level 3.

Level 4 assessment coming soon!

Become an AR*Chitect

AR*chitect /ˈärkəˌtekt/ noun

A person who designs, builds, and maintains their own rifle.

The first step on your AR*chitect Evolution is figuring out which stage you are in. Need some help? Fill out our online form and our AR experts will give you a customized AR Profile – full of info and recommendations made just for you. 

Welcome to the Group!

Check out how we teach the fundamentals and coach new gun builders through the learning curve to become an AR*chitect.
AR Basics

Gotta do it!

Don't miss a step when it comes to maintaining your AR. We give you 5 things every AR should know to make your rifle last and perform well.
AR Maintenance

No one likes clamshells.

Stuck with that stock look? Check out some easy upgrade options, including the popular A2 upgrade to get a free floating handguard.
AR Upgrade

Hey there, AR*chitect.

Built your first AR and ready for more? Don't waste your time & budget sourcing parts. Get everything you need in our AR Build Kits!
Build Kits

Ready for something different?

Looking for an excuse to build more ARs? Don't just build another AR, design YOUR AR with our Elevation Series with over a million customization options.
Build More ARs

Take The Next Step

ARchitect Evolution