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The Easiest Way to Build Your Own AR-15 Rifle or Pistol

That entry-level mil-spec AR15 you can buy off the shelf likely is an A2 System with an A2 front sight and a set of plastic clamshell handguards with no attachment points. It likely has an A2 flash hider.It is clunky and “old” looking. It’s  your Dad’s AR-15 rifle.

So the question is – why buy standard? Build your own AR-15 and get what you want, assemble it from scratch, and own a gun that fits your style from the start.

Please note… Our Build Your Own AR-15 kits do not come with a lower receiver. You will need to purchase a lower receiver from a licensed FFL dealer and submit to the proper background checks to take possession of said lower receiver.

**BYOAR makes no guarantees or assumptions about your ability to purchase or own an AR-15 lower.

If you already own an A2 style rifles, we have an option for you as well, “Upgrade your A2“. 

Payment Plan Option

Get the build you want, even on a budget.

We are now offering 3 and 6 month payment plans for our customers who are unable to purchase their AR build kits in full at checkout. As you make the payment installments, your parts will be shipped to your door. Each shipment will contain parts relative in cost to the payment(s) made. This allows you to pay off your purchase over a longer period without losing momentum with your build. Select a payment plan that works for you at checkout. 

Stop being limited by what you can find on the shelf.

Become an AR-chitect and build your AR-15, your way.

Even with a tight budget and limited experience you can build your AR-15 so it has the style and the capabilities that you’ve always desired in a gun. The Build Your Own AR-15 online tool allows you to build the gun you want at a reasonable price. Each base kit allows you to choose the handguard and muzzle device you want. As add-on options you can get all the essential tools you need to build your own AR-15, as well as your first rifle range bag.