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The Easiest Way to


Why Buy Stock When You Can Build Your Own?

1. Choose To Build A Rifle or Pistol

2. Select Your Handguard Length

7-inch (pistol), 13-inch, 15-inch

3. Pick Your Muzzle Device

Muzzle Brake, Flash Can, Flash Hider

4. Get Your Add-Ons

Tool Kit, Range Bag, Iron Sights


That entry-level mil-spec AR15 you can buy off the shelf? Convenient, but common. It likely has an A2 System with an A2 front sight and a set of plastic clamshell handguards with no attachment points. It likely has an A2 flash hider. It is clunky and “old” looking. It’s your Dad’s AR15 rifle.

So the question is – why buy standard? Build your own AR15 and get what you wantassemble it from scratch, and own a gun that fits your style from the start.

Here’s the problem. Sourcing parts and making sure they meet your standards is both time-consuming and expensive. You’ll be swimming in options, unsure you can trust foreign suppliers, waiting on shipments, and, inevitably, spending too many hours or dollars to justify the build.

Good thing you’re here. At BYOAR, we believe you don’t have to be an expert to build your own AR. We also believe you can get what you want without lowering your expectations or raising your budget.


Interested in Building an AR?

Where are you in your AR*chitect Evolution?

Build Your Own AR

Welcome to the Group!

Check out how we teach the fundamentals and coach new gun builders through the learning curve to become an AR*chitect.
AR Basics

Gotta do it!

5 things every AR builder should know to make your rifle last and perform well.
AR Maintenance

No one likes clamshells.

Stuck with that stock look? Check out some easy upgrade options, including the popular A2 upgrade to get a free floating handguard.
AR Upgrade

Hey there, AR*chitect.

Built your first AR and ready for more? Don't waste your time & budget sourcing parts.
Build Kits

Ready for something different?

Don't just build another AR, design YOUR AR with our Elevation Series with over a million customization options.
Build More ARs

Don’t Settle for Old Inventory.

Become an AR-chitect and build your AR-15, your way.

With the Build Your Own AR-15 online tool, you can build the custom AR-15 you need with a limited budget and no experience. You’ll quickly design and build an AR-15 that meets all your needs and has a look all its own. Each base kit, lets you customize your rifle with your choice of hand guard and muzzle device. Add the essential tools for your build and range bag and you’re prepared for whatever comes next. 

Completed Your AR15 Build? Show It off in our AR*chitect Group!

AR*chitect of the Week

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