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Legal Policy

There are restrictions on AR’s in several states. The blueprints listed here are legal in many states. Please review and know the laws of the state in which you reside before beginning any AR rifle build.

We can help you find that information if you contact us. 

The states that currently restrict ARs are as follows, but may not be limited to:

California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Washington D.C.

The blueprints listed here would NOT BE LEGAL in any of these aforementioned states.

AR-chitect does not advise nor condone circumventing state or federal law as they pertain to building and owning your own AR.

Safety Disclaimer

At AR-chitect we want everyone to enjoy shooting sports legally and safely.

Please know and follow all applicable state and federal laws as they pertain to the use, building, and ownership of ARs.

If you are new to firearms or the AR platform, we recommend taking a basic AR course at your local gun range.

Our local gun range (Shoot Point Blank) offers the following classes:

  • A free one-hour intro to firearms course.
  • A four-hour introduction to the AR platform course for $60
  • A one-hour basic firearms safety course for $10 (kids attend free).

These courses will give you a solid foundation to begin your journey into the world of the modern sporting rifle.