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High-End Build

A nice high-end quality build made with well known brand name parts. No optics are listed as applications vary.

Cost: $1,647.92 plus any taxes, shipping and FFL transfer fees for the lower receiver.

A NICS check will be performed at your FFL dealer before you take possession of your Lower receiver.

Where are you on your Ar*chitect evolution?

1. 2A Armament Balios lite billet upper/lower receiver setAvailable at Rainier Arms. $499.00

2. Bravo company enhanced bolt carrier group. Available at Rainier Arms. $169.00

3. Bravo company enhanced lower parts kitAvailable at Rainier Arms. $119.95

4. Strike industries ultimate dust coverAvailable at Rainier Arms. $14.50

5Strike industries forward assist. Available at Rainier arms. $17.95

6. Bravo company gunfighter charging handle ambidextrousAvailable at Rainier Arms. $79.95

7. Luth-AR modular buttstockAvailable at Rainier Arms. $159.75

8. CMC AR15 buffer tube kitAvailable at Rainier Arms. $54.99

9. Faxon Firearms gunner barrel 18″ rifle length gas systemAvailable at Rainier Arms. $179.55

10. Superlative arms low profile adjustable gas blockAvailable at Rainier Arms. $89.99

11. Lantac nitrided rifle length gas tubeAvailable at Rainier Arms. $21.59

12. VG6 epsilon precision muzzle brakeAvailable at Rainier Arms. $84.95

13Faxon Firearms 15″ G2 streamline handguardAvailable at Rainier Arms. $156.75

Blueprint Gallery

Concepts you can modify for your own custom build.