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Welcome to Our Blog

At BYOAR, we have a saying: You don’t have to be an expert to build your own AR.

We know the gun community can be intimidating for a newbie. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to providing the guidance, demonstrations, and distilled information to help novice gun builders just like you.

Whether you’re new to the AR world in general, or just new to the gun building community, this is the place for you. In our experience, building, modifying and taking care of your own AR builds confidence as a gun owner and is a fun way to connect with other gun enthusiasts. 

We want to share our love of the shooting sports and we believe anyone can build their own AR in a way that is affordable, understandable, and sustainable. 

The Answers You Need, Without the Judgement. 

We’ve distilled the information you need so you can get answers and follow step-by-step instruction through building demonstrations, guidance for modifications, and tips on caring for your AR. We used to have to scour the internet forums to find the answers to our gun building questions. Hopefully with BYOAR on your side, you can get started much more easily on your next build.

We are also committed to providing a voice of experience without being judgmental or demeaning so your entry into the AR world can be a positive one.

Bookmark the BYOAR Blog

This is your spot for distilled information on all aspects of AR-related topics. 

  • Detailed assembly instructions 
  • Safety tips 
  • Range information
  • Product reviews 

With new technology and products being introduced at a rapid pace these days, we’re always keeping an open mind to how new things can help us enhance our experience of the shooting sports. Bookmark this page to get your weekly dose of AR news, reviews, and more!

Join the ARchitect Group

We’re building a systematic training program to help teach the fundamentals and coach new gun builders through the learning curve to become an ARchitect. Our online ARchitect Community is a judgment-free zone to learn and grow. Join today to ask your questions, enter weekly giveaways, and show off your builds!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Our Blog”

  1. I just finished my AR build. I took it out to shoot. I shot but the bullet would not eject. Any directions. I watched a couple of videos but it seems like it is put together properly.

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