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Spare Parts Kit: 5 Items To Make Sure You Have

spare parts kit

Don’t let a part failure end your range day, competition or training session. With a Spare Parts Kit you can have the right parts and tools on-hand to get your gun back in action.

In this blog post we look at the top parts we recommend you should carry with you for quick repairs.

5 Items to Keep in Your Spare Parts Kit

1. Firing Pins: Firing pins usually don’t break, but we have all seen the tips become worn out and cause erratic misfires or light strikes. If you are having failure to fire issues, a mushroomed or damaged firing pin could be the cause. Make sure to have spare or two on hand for a quick replacement when you need it.

2. Hammer Springs: Hammer springs will eventually give out. This usually takes tens of thousands of rounds… but you never know when it will happen. The good news is this is a quick fix for a couple of dollars. It’s silly not to have a spare in your kit. (We would also add a trigger spring and a disconnect spring).

3. Extractors: Extractors are one of the more common failures in a bolt carrier group. A back-up is usually around $10 and is a must-have in your kit. Plus, your extractor can be replaced in literally 5 minutes or less. Want to see a quick extractor replacement? Check out our T350 Show for a fast demo!

4. Gas Rings: Gas rings will also eventually wear out, causing cycling issues for your gun. This is another quick, inexpensive fix and a must-have in your kit.

5. Bolt Assembly: We have all seen pics of a bolt head snapped where the cam pin goes through. A new bolt assembly is another thing we like to see in any spare parts kit. And, if it’s fully assembled, you wont need the extractor or gas rings as the bolt will already have them!

Final words of wisdom: Be sure to carry a few tools in your spare parts kit. Allen wrenches, needle nose pliers, small punch or two, and a small hammer. Another good idea is to buy an extra fire control group and keep all of those components in your kit.

These are all inexpensive parts to throw in your kit so you can be back in business with that #pewpew!

Check out our Spare Parts Kit video!

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