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Protocol for the Gun Range vs. Backyard Shooting

Shooting Sports Protocol

Are you new to the shooting sports?

Did you just buy your first AR15 or any gun in general? One of the first things for you to consider is gun safety.

Let’s start with the basics.πŸ‘‡

Watch our video on range protocol and what to expect for first-timers:

Watch the latest T350 Show on Range Safety & Protocol.

Gun Range Protocol

Indoor/outdoor range businesses have procedures for new shooters. Waivers to sign, safety videos or briefings to watch. Make sure you follow these protocols.

  1. State ranges and some clubs allow you to pay and shoot but still have safety rules posted. Follow basic gun safety rules and you should be set.
  2. Range safety officers are the boss, do as they say. You can and will be asked to leave for violations.
  3. Indoor ranges can be tricky as they are typically close and have narrow lanes. Casings tend to bounce off walls and right back to you. Just be aware of this, especially if it’s your first time.
  4. Wear clothing that will not allow hot brass to enter and potentially burn you. Anything that is low-cut or has a loose collar is best left at home. Go for a more fitted option.
  5. At outdoor ranges try to space out if you can so your brass is not hitting someone else and their brass is not hitting you.
  6. Most ranges will have medical equipment available but still carry your own anyway.

Backyard / Outdoor Shooting

If the range is closed, too busy, or too far, you might have a backyard or other outdoor shooting setup. Make sure you follow these protocols to keep you and the other shooters safe.

  1. Always know what is beyond your target. Never shoot skyline targets where bullets can travel unimpeded.
  2. Shoot into a berm or dirt mound. The bottom of an elevated rise, for example. This helps bullets from ricocheting.
  3. The same safety rules apply here as anywhere. Remember alcohol and guns never mix.
  4. Do not shoot objects that can cause bullets to ricochet. Slanted steel plates, appliances, lakes or ponds, etc.
  5. Always have medical equipment on hand.

Have fun, stay safe, and welcome to the shooting sports!

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