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MP5 Clone Builds and How to Not Empty Your Wallet Buying One.

MP5 Clone build prices

The MP5 from Heckler & Koch is by far one of the most popular pistol-style sub-machine guns in existence today.

It is no wonder there are so many MP5 clones as it has been utilized by militaries and police forces around the world. That’s not to mention the many cameos the MP5 gets in Hollywood movies, which has only added to the mystique. Everyone wants an MP5 but most of us don’t want to spend the $3,500+ for an original H&K model.

MP5 Clone Alternatives

There are many MP5 clones out there from the low-end GSG 522 in .22LR for around $350 ( it is only a .22 though…) to the higher end Zenith Z-5RS clocking in around $2,000. And then there is the Dakota Tactical D5421-CC at a hefty $2,700. For that price, you might as well save up a few hundred more and get the H&K.

So what can you do for under $1,000 and still get the MP5 look you’re going after?

Why not try an AR-V handguard from Bowden tactical at… with models from 3.75 inches to 7 inches and compatibility with blowback pistol calibers to direct impingement AR15 calibers in pistol length barrels. All for under $150. It’s a great way to outfit your pistol. It has solid aluminum construction, hard coat black anodize, and a full top Picatinny rail making this a great option for your next pistol build be it 9MM or .300BO. We bought a 7 inch 9MM build kit from CBC precision firearms for about $530 picked up a lower for another $125 and added the AR-V handguard that retails for $135. We topped it off with a Sig Romeo 5 red dot and Sig Juliet 3 magnifier we caught on sale for $225. So all in we were just over $1,000. And we are extremely happy with the look and performance of this pistol. I stretched it out to 50 yards a couple of weeks ago and had no trouble hitting a 3-inch circle from a rested position. I plan on trying for 100 yards this weekend and seeing what it can do at that distance.

What about an MP5SD?

If you’re a true fan of the MP5 then you know what the MP5SD is, right???? Well, guess what Bowen tactical is up to? That’s right, we are in the prototype phase of an aluminum handguard for an MP5SD clone handguard! Same great features as the original AR-V but now for the SD lovers the AR-VSD. Look for an announcement in the next couple of months when it hits the website.

As always shoot straight, stay safe, and have fun.

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