New AR-10 Rifle Caliber: 8.6 BLK

We spent our week at Shot Show fairly busy manning our booths and interacting with customers and potential customers and were surprised about the buzz around this new caliber. Thus we didn’t get a whole lot of time to cruise the show and see cool new stuff. But one thing we did see was the new 8.6 BLK platform joint venture between Q and our friends at Faxon.

We were getting requests for quotes on 7, 10, and 12 inch AR10 handguards in the weeks leading up to the show. We wondered who was building ultra-short .308 pistols. Well, it came out that this is the new thing.

8.6 BLK

The 8.6 BLK is built on the AR10 platform. It is the big brother to the .300 BO. The new round will be available in both supersonic and subsonic variants and is made to be suppressed.

A picture containing projectile or bullet
8.6 BLK (left) vs. .300 BO (right)


It is .338 diameter bullet with weights from 200 to 300 grains. And has excellent reported ballistics. Loaded with a 210 grain Barnes TTSX reporting 2450fps from a 12.5 inch barrel. With only 1.4 more inches of drop at 300 yards than a typical .308 with a 168 grain bullet but with 300 more foot lbs. of energy at the target, this thing looks pretty impressive.

ballistics table

I am still researching this application and I tend to not jump on calibers until well proven in the marketplace. (I don’t like to invest a lot into a gun to have the cartridge fizzle out and not be available for ammo purchases at normal prices.) This caliber certainly seems optimized for big game hunting however.

8.6 BLK Cartridge specifications diagram

Stay tuned for more info as we hear it or get it.

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