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Evolution of an AR*chitect: Level 3

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This blog is the third in a 5 part series on the evolution of an AR*chitect.

What is an AR*chitect you might ask? Well, it is someone who upgrades, builds, and maintains their own AR platform rifles.

Let’s look at level 3.

This is the level for the person who owns an AR and is ready to begin to upgrade their rifle and start adding some goodies to it. 

AR Upgrades are fun, but don’t be this guy.

Maybe you are ready for your first red dot sight but not sure what brand is good quality for the money. Maybe you want to add a tactical flashlight but you are not sure where to mount it to optimize its use. Or a laser for quick aiming in a tactical situation. You’ll need the all-important free-float handguard for these options too. Maybe you are ready to dive into the internals of your gun and add a drop-in trigger. Or perhaps an adjustable gas block. How about your buffer and stock system to help mitigate recoil? 

There are many upgrades you can do at home with your basic AR tool set. No need to be intimidated, these are easy upgrades with a little research and instruction. Be careful though, once the upgrade bug bites you there’s no turning back. Before you know it you’ll be installing ambidextrous safeties and oversized bolt releases. Or maybe a B.A.D. lever. The options are almost endless.

For more information on these topics, head on over to our Youtube. I have covered many of these subjects there. You can also join the Facebook group on our BYOAR Facebook page called AR*chitects. This is a great place to gain knowledge in a judgment-free, snob-free environment.

We do not tolerate AR snobs or bullies in this forum. So please come to learn with no ridiculing. There are plenty of places where this happens on Facebook, and we are dedicated to keeping our group a place for people to learn and feel free to ask any questions that they may have.

In our next blog, we look at building our own rifles. You are almost there- you are almost an AR*chitect. Until then…


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