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Evolution of an AR*chitect: Level 4

Build your own AR

This blog is #4 in a 5 part series on the evolution of an AR*chitect.

What is an AR*chitect you might ask? Well, it is someone who upgrades, builds, and maintains their own AR platform rifles.

Let’s look at level 4.

This is the level for the person who is ready to build their first AR platform rifle or pistol.

Maybe you already have an AR and have become familiar with its workings or maybe you’re ready to own your first AR. But either way, you have the itch to build it. You’ve watched videos, you’ve heard your buddies talking about it and you are ready to do it.

Getting Started- What’s the Purpose of Your AR?

First, you need to determine what is the purpose of the rifle. Hunting, range toys, self-defense, or competition shooting. Let the purpose drive the build.

Next- Assess Your Budget

Second set a budget ( but don’t be surprised when you go over it… LOL ) this is where a build sheet comes in handy. Having all the parts listed and going through and gathering and comparing prices can get you what you want while watching the costs.

Finally- Gather the Parts You Will Need

Third start gathering parts and checking them off your list. Don’t forget if you haven’t already bought a set of AR-specific tools you will need those as well. But as we talked about before you will use these tools over and over again throughout the life of your rifle(s). 

There are great videos on Youtube covering all these subjects. I have covered many of them on our Youtube channel, BYOAR. You can also join a Facebook forum on our BYOAR Facebook page called AR*chitects. This is a great place to gain knowledge in a judgment-free, snob-free zone.

We do not tolerate AR snobs or bullies in this forum. So you can feel free to learn with no ridicule. There are plenty of places where this happens on Facebook. 

In our next blog, we look at building different calibers of rifles amongst the different platforms. You are almost there, you are almost an AR*chitect. Until then…


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